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Johnny was a boy that no one could see

The mischief he brought gave him glee

He would spill people’s teas

Or douse them with fleas

All in the hopes to be seen

By just one human being

Johnny was a boy who could not speak

No, Neither a shriek nor a pip or a squeek

He would tie together people’s shoelaces

Or put old food in their braces

All in the hopes to be seen

By just one human being

Johnny was a boy that no one could smell

No matter his stench; stinky or swell

He would trip…

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He found himself on the edge once again. Looking ahead into the darkness of the cavern, he held himself up heavily. Glazed over eyes, matted hair, and the same clothes from the last time. He had not remembered the last time he was here, nor could he remember the last time he left.

Taking slow, deep breaths to calm his mind, he gave himself hope as he had done before. In his quest for something, anything, he was desperate. He took one deep breath in and screamed as hard as he could down the cavern. He screamed and shrieked and…

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The death of innocence comes

When adults slowly kill themselves.

Our battles are not done when we leave,

They just move to the next of kin.

Alcoholism is the slowest form of suicide,

Diving headfirst into the noose made just for you.

A spiral downwards into the empty void

Where the Reaper waits saddened.

Hollow hearts in cavernous chests

Are built at the epicenter, you.

The bottom of each depleted glass

Is a rock bottom you won’t suffer.

Head held high,

We march on.

Hopeful not to take over tendencies

Of the wasted lives that came before.

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He finally shut up long enough to let her speak.

She sat on the floor beside him, with Mittens in her lap for comfort.

“Look, Matt. Life has been hard for me lately. I haven’t had a job for 8 months, I can’t go outside, and you are the only person I have seen for nearly a year. I just… I need some space. I need you not to be mean to me. Why do you always have to be so rude, just for your own amusement?”

Kate stared deep into his eyes. She reminisced about when they moved to…

Connie woke up but could not breath. As opposed to being short of breath, there was a physical restraint from the act of breathing. Her heart had been alert since she had been jolted awake and forced to jump out of bed. With a frantic haste she touched her face, but felt no skin. She felt the gritty, rough feel of wooden grooves with two perfect holes around her eyes. She walked to her bathroom mirror and was shocked, analyzing the mask she wore. A blank, white mask with no defining features stared back at her through the mirror.


Sometimes my dreams felt more real than reality. Tonight’s was the most vivid yet. I was wrapped in a white straight jacket in a white, padded room. A sterile aroma reeked through the air. There were no markings, no colors, nothing. Feeling the need to escape, I would try and bash my head against the small window on the padded door wall to wake myself up. It always took a long time to happen.

When I awoke I was right back where I always was; at base camp. The routine began with a quick sweep around to ensure no one…

Peanut was the best and worst gift I had ever received. She was beautiful, and would change my life forever. So why could I only think about the day she will die?

Is it normal for new pet owners to think about their pet’s death? Not when they’re fifteen and on their way out, but as a puppy? The first time I looked into Peanut’s eyes, I wept. I knew that I would end up falling in love only to have my heart shattered before I was ever ready for it.

Peanut was a Golden Retriever. My daughter had named…

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